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Available in 2.83g, 5.66g, 14.15g & More

Looking for the best medical marijuana flower strains in Ohio? AYR has you covered with an extensive selection of Sativa’s, Indica’s & Hybrid varieties!

Popular Brands Include:


Available in Disposables, Distillates, Live Resin & More

Looking for a more discreet option?  Vapes allow for a cleaner & customizable experience when it comes to dosage control, flavor preference & ease of use.  

Popular Brands Include:


Available in Chocolates, Gummies, Drinks & More

Edibles offer an alternative experience in the form of gummies, tinctures, chocolates, or beverage products.  Edibles avoid issues of odors, and can be consumed discreetly.

Popular Brands Include:


Available in Rosin, Live Resin, Shatter & More

For experienced patients, concentrates are highly potent extracts made by removing excess plant material and impurities from the medical marijuana flower, leaving only the most desirable compounds, namely cannabinoids and the flavorful & aromatic terpenes.

Popular Brands Include:

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May promote productivity and focus.

Popular products include Secret Orchard Strawberry Cough Vape Cart, Origyn Wedding Pie #6 Live Rosin Carts, Highly Edible Sativa Assorted Gummies.


May improve sleep and soothe muscles.

Popular products include Kynd N.Y. Cheesecake Flower, Timeless Cold Snap Cart, Revel Rainbow Sherbert #11 Vape Cart.


May ease stress and improve mood.

Popular products include Origyn Cherry Dosido Live Rosin Carts, Kynd Tahoe Cream Flower, Timeless Cactus Chiller Cart

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Tiered flower makes it easy to find the potency and price that's right for you.

Brands for you

Kynd Flower

World-Class Flower

Combining modern science and old-school passion to deliver a curated selection that exceeds all expectations.

Wicked Gummies

The THC Trifecta

Packed with crisp, juicy-tart flavor – Each gummy contains 10mg and comes in packs of 10.

Revel Vapes & Concentrates

The THC Trifecta

Premium Vapes & Concentrates that deliver fast-hitting, full-sensory experiences.

Issue 2 Has Passed!

But What Does This Mean For Me?

Recreational Cannabis has yet to take effect, there are still many reasons to renew/keep your card - Click or Tap the link below to find out more!

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Indigent Pricing

Patients on SSDI and government assistance programs save 30% on every order.*  Must be registered with OMMCP

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Veterans Discount

Veterans and retired first responders receive 30% off every day.* Must be registered with OMMCP

30% Off Every Order

Industry Discount

Those who work within the cannabis industry receive 30% Off every order. Must have a valid ID Badge

State Regulations

- All transactions must be completed before AYR’s listed closing time.
- New patients must arrive at least one hour before closing.
- All returning patients must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing.
- First-Time AYR Dispensary Patients: please do not place your first order, online.
- First-time patients must complete the New Patient Registration Form in-store before placing an online order.

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