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Here’s Why Online Cannabis-By-Mail Scams Are A Real Threat

Being located in Illinois, we are tremendously fortunate to be in a state that allows the legal medical and recreational sale and consumption of cannabis within our bordersUnlike dispensaries in other states, Illinois dispensaries are currently not allowed to deliver to one’s home either. Patrons are required to visit the dispensary in person to make a purchase. Those with access to online pre-ordering for pickup, this can significantly expedite your transaction at the dispensaryFor individuals living in states without legal cannabis programs, it can be quite enticing to come across an online ad or website claiming to mail or ship cannabis directly to your home. If you happen to see something like this, we are strongly encouraging you to not indulge.


The mailing or shipping of cannabis products anywhere in the United States is incredibly illegal. Despite protections under the Fourth Amendment, sending or receiving cannabis via the United States Postal Service (USPS) can open you up to investigations and possible punishment on the federal level. Furthermore, using third-party shipping services like FedEx or UPS can be dangerous as well. When using these services, you are often unknowingly agreeing to terms of service granting these entities the right to search packages that they suspect contain controlled substances. 


Ultimatelyit is very unlikely that any actual cannabis will be mailed to your residence. Online ads and websites promising the mailing of cannabis are entirely fraudulent. They prey on individuals by accepting online payment in exchange for absolutely nothing. Some common buzzwords these scammers like to use on their websites include “stealth shipping”, “discreet delivery” or “100% legitimate.” Please exercise caution when you come in contact with these kinds of claims online.


This issue is very near and dear to our heart here at Herbal Remedies Dispensary. Recently, a North Carolina woman was scammed by an online entity offering the sale and shipment of cannabis to her home. In an effort to find relief from her cancer and chemotherapy-related symptoms, she forfeited in excess of $500 to this entity to purchase cannabis online anonymouslyShe never received cannabis via mail as promisedBeing completely transparent, this online entity was maliciously using Herbal Remedies Dispensary’s physical address on their website


The woman attempted to contact this entity directly but to no avail. As a last resort to recoup lost funds, she searched the listed physical address online and discovered our dispensary actually resides there and reached out to us personally. It was with great regret that we had to inform her that our company was unaffiliated with this website and that they were falsely using our dispensary’s physical address to swindle individuals. This fraudulent website has since been reported to the appropriate authorities.


This woman asked us to share a word of warning to consumers so that they don’t fall victim to the same scam. It bears repeating. Never try to buy cannabis online from companies claiming to mail or ship products to your home. You will avoid being scammed and your wallet will thank you.