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Based on the belief that everything starts with the quality of the plant, our mission is to cultivate the finest quality cannabis. With all products locally grown, cultivated, and produced in Florida, we are setting the bar for industry standards in quality, effects, and potency. 


AYR Cannabis Dispensary uses three different third-party testing laboratories at random to ensure unbiased and reliable results. Patients can always expect AYR Cannabis Dispensary to provide the utmost transparency and accuracy for all products. 


Patients can access test results for all AYR Cannabis Dispensary products with the access links below. Since the third-party testing labs are used at random, patients are encouraged to check each lab’s test results page for the most recent batch. To search on the third-party testing site, patients will either need the product and strain’s full name and/or the product’s six-digit batch ID, which is listed on the product packaging. If you would like to see the test results before placing an online order, please call your local AYR Cannabis Dispensary dispensary and ask to speak to a dispensary associate.  


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