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Lost In Translation

We are a family of cannabis pioneers with a deep-rooted belief that from humble beginnings come great things. With an innate passion for the beauty and essence of cannabis artistry, we set out to preserve our craft and safeguard its roots from getting Lost In Translation. Our seeds and flower carry the legacy of the many California growers and breeders that came before, and it’s this commitment to heritage that ensures our time-honored secrets live on. It’s through this philosophy that we can fulfill our purpose, to deliver unique terpene-rich flavors that will illuminate your mind, body and soul. While tradition and integrity guide us, imagination and flair drive us. Every day we’re finding new ways to create and innovate with colorful varietals for you and your palate to experience. LOST seeds have found their way to every continent and most countries around the world, and we’re honored we can share the fruit of our labor with each and every one of you. Wherever in the world you happen upon LOST, we hope you enjoy the bliss it delivers and go on to share the power of this restorative plant with all your loved ones.

From our family to yours, “Let’s get lost together”. 


Born from the depths of the desert, mere miles from Lake Tahoe’s majestic presence, a new Kynd of medical marijuana surfaces. Artisanal. Exceptional. Made for all. Our superpower? Flower. It’s what we live, breathe and believe in. From big-name strains to one of a Kynd finds, focusing only on flower guarantees no one does it better. Kynd celebrates all facets of the cannabis journey and is dedicated to raising standards across the entire industry. Our sole purpose is to deliver an exceptional experience for ALL humankynd.

Origyn Extracts

Purity, preserved. Performance, peaked. Product, perfected.

At Origyn, our talented experts harness the raw power of the world’s finest plants, extracting its transformative benefits and surfacing its sensorial properties. Each handcrafted concentrate goes through an innovative proprietary extraction process that preserves its pure, high-quality actives, while eliminating any unwanted additives.

Overseeing the entire production process allows us to bring out the plant’s most authentic expression—enhancing your wellness, elevating your experience and expanding the boundaries of medical marijuana as we know it. 

Enjoy Origyn and experience a force of nature.

Seven Hills

Grown with Pride in Pottsville, PA, SEVEN HILLS Craft Marijuana is a perfect expression of its rich surroundings. 

Situated on a decommissioned coal mine in Schukyill County, the SEVEN HILLS hybrid greenhouse uses fresh snowmelt, rainwater, and sunlight to grow the finest marijuana in the state. That means when you select SEVEN HILLS flower, you’re tapping into a superior level of quality, taste, safety and trust. 

Every plant in the SEVEN HILLS grow facility is attend to 24/7/365 by a locally based staff working with passion and precision, from clone to package. The result is pure craft marijuana we’re proud to call “Pennsylvania’s Finest.”



It’s time to revel in relief.

REVEL grows medical marijuana with rich terpene profiles so you can move past aches and pains and get back to making the most of your day. Our flower is nurtured locally with patients’ needs in mind, offering unparalleled benefits, plus incredible flavor profiles and user experiences. 

Relax with REVEL. Available in flower, concentrates, vapes, and tinctures across all Ayr Wellness dispensaries.