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5 Methods Of Consuming Cannabis

Inhalation Smoking and vaporization Although cannabis is often associated with smoking, it’s not the only inhalation method that patients can use to medicate. While smoking cannabis involves burning the flowers and inhaling the active components of the plant, the vaporization method allows the release of these same ingredients by heating them to a temperature that […]

7 Ways Illinois Dispensaries Differ From Those In Other States

1. You can’t see or smell cannabis flower Although common in other legal states, you cannot see or smell cannabis flower before purchasing at Illinois dispensaries. Flower and other cannabis products come to dispensaries pre-packaged from cultivation centers. It may be disappointing to many consumers to discover that when visiting the dispensary but Illinois law […]

3 Reasons To Still Get A Medical Cannabis Card Despite Illinois Going Recreational

Starting January 1st, 2020, Illinois is poised to become the 11th state in the union to legalize recreational cannabis. Individuals exploring the Illinois medical cannabis program may be curious if it is ultimately even worth obtaining a card because of this. From getting certified by your physician, completing the online application, and paying the fees […]

Spark The Conversation About Mental Health Workshop

Herbal Remedies Dispensary is proud to announce an upcoming workshop titled Spark The Conversation About Mental Health. This FREE educational event is open to the public (21+) but registration is required. You must reserve your spot in advance using the form below. Only 50 spots are available and it is first-come, first-serve. Facial coverings are required and must be over your nose and mouth at all times. […]

Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Information Removed From Police Databases

A major win in the privacy of medical cannabis patients was signed into law by Governor J.B. Pritzker on December 4th, 2019. The new amendment to Illinois cannabis law will see the removal of patient and caregiver information from the Secretary of State’s driving record database. In fact, the Secretary of State is required to […]

Beginner’s Guide To Edibles

THE RIGHT DOSE VARIES BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS! It can take several times of trying edibles to figure out the best dose for you. × Dismiss this alert. Cannabis edibles are a popular smoke-free option for incorporating cannabis into your life but fully understanding their effects is crucial. This blog outlines a few key things that will […]

Ayr Wellness To Acquire Herbal Remedies

New York City-based Ayr Wellness will officially enter the Illinois cannabis industry with the recent announcement of their intentions to purchase Herbal Remedies Dispensaries of Quincy, Illinois. Pending state regulatory approval, the acquisition is expected to be complete by late 2021. “The team at Herbal Remedies has done a tremendous job in Quincy, building a […]

The #1 Mistake Made When Buying Cannabis Flower

With so many different strains available on the cannabis market today, shopping in a dispensary may feel overwhelming to some. How do you know you’re getting the best strain for your personal needs? There’s one mistake made repeatedly by consumers that needs addressing, and that’s the misleading chase for a high THC percentage. Budtenders are […]

Here’s Why Online Cannabis-By-Mail Scams Are A Real Threat

Being located in Illinois, we are tremendously fortunate to be in a state that allows the legal medical and recreational sale and consumption of cannabis within our borders. Unlike dispensaries in other states, Illinois dispensaries are currently not allowed to deliver to one’s home either. Patrons are required to visit the dispensary in person to make a purchase. Those with access to […]

A Newcomer’s Guide To Microdosing Cannabis

It’s a safe bet that if you use cannabis, you have heard the term microdosing at your local cannabis dispensary. Microdosing is the new buzzword within the cannabis community. But what does it mean? More importantly, how can it help you get the most out of your cannabis purchase? I will try to help shed […]